Inspection provides a proactive and cost effective expediting service through the company’s network of experienced field expediters located close to most major manufacturing centers or vendors (Schneider Electric, ABB, Prysmian Cables & Systems, Nexans, Best, Donaldson, HES, Alstom, Treysan, Dorce, Sa-Ra, Effedigi, Tosyali, Mannesmann, CCT etc.) throughout the world.

Expediting is especially needed in large-scale projects, for example, when a power plant or a refinery is erected, because a delay caused by late delivery or inferior quality will get very expensive and could lead to unsatisfied clients, thus the loss of a project.

To save these unnecessary costs and minimize potential risks, the supplier and customer may agree on the use of a third party expediter. Our expediters are trained and skilled in typical production planning and manufacturing processes. They work with the manufacturer to ensure adequate planning to meet the delivery dates.
They proactively identify delays and potential problems and, if required, coordinate with the manufacturer to taking necessary remedial action to get production activities back on schedule.

With our professional and scientific approach of expediting services, the client is assured of an independent, knowledgeable view of the expected impact on project schedules.

Why to Expedite with us?

With project deadline and schedules being calculated with less and fewer areas for delay of any kind, professional expediting resources became a key a part of winning project completion. The old fashioned approach of beginning the expediting method once the order is already in delay isn’t any longer doubtless to lead to timely delivery. Project groups have come back to understand the importance of coming up with expediting activities in conjunction with their inspection activities.

Range of Expediting Services

INSPECTION is ready to supply comprehensive expediting services ranging from desk / phone expediting through seller visits to full time monitoring and project coverage for the petrochemical and Oil & Gas Industries. We will offer full-fledged and extremely qualified technical staff from an intensive pool of personnel accessible throughout the world. Vary of activities performed / services provided include:
Desk/Telephone Expediting
Desk / phone expediting provides a valuable tool for monitoring the progress of orders with a manufacturer. Contact is established at specific milestones within the order fabrication method and a brief outline of status standing obtained throughout the following conversation. associate experienced expediter will very quickly assess whether the order is progressing consistent with plan or whether alternative measures are needed to verify and presumably improve the order progress. Desk / phone expediting is best used as a tool to supplement field expediting. it’s additionally a helpful approach of making the vendor aware that delays on the order won’t be accepted by their shopper

Field Expediting Services
Field Expediting provides clients with a comprehensive review of the precise standing of their order and any on site action to rectify any potential problem areas. Our expediters are skilled professionals who, by virtue of their technical backgrounds, ready to ready to quickly verify progress against schedules, spot any potential bottlenecks and indicate any quality problems that will cause ultimate delays.

Our expediters remain in close contact with the client and, where potential, provide a verbal close out decision before effort the works.
Throughout this decision the client is briefed on the results of the visit and a discussion concerning continuing activities is additionally held. This ensures that the client has the most recent info on the market and if necessary will update the field expediter on any changes in project priorities / requirements.

Fulltime Monitoring / Project Coverage
Full time monitoring / project coverage activities offer clients with continuous comprehensive progress data and immediate action by the expediter as soon as issues become apparent. For full time expediting needs, whether for a private order or for a particular project, a dedicated expediter are going to be provided to arbitrate directly with the client making certain the foremost direct lines of communication. This ensures that the client interfaces directly with the appointed expediter and data exchange is as economical as doable.

Reporting of Expediting Activities
INSPECTION® and all staff utilized by INSPECTION® are dedicated to providing the most effective attainable service to their clients. a vital part of this can be clearly reporting, this should be as precise as possible to modify our clients to completely perceive what’s happening to their order. All offered tools / strategies are utilized to relay this data to clients as clearly as possible. Reports are often prepared on our own report formats or on report formats given by clients.

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