We Inspect Containers!

We provide inspection of all types of containers to make sure our clients’ containers meet the right regulations and standards, wherever they’re produced and used.

We offer in service inspection services to the container industry from tank containers to ISO containers.

Tank containers often carry dangerous gases and liquids thus several codes and regulations apply to their design and use worldwide. We are highly experienced on inspection of tank containers and we can perform inspection of different types of tank containers including road tanks, offshore tanks, modified tanks, refurbished tank container.

We can provide both inspection and technical advice according to your requirements.

All our inspectors are fully trained to supervise and also deeply monitor the loading process. Inspectors check

quality and condition of your goods,

quality and condition of your packaging,

handling according to procedures,

Condition of container including safety, odor and cleanliness,

Correct loading according to instructions,

Document control

before shipment.

Once these controls are completed then container will be sealed under the witness of our inspector and Inspection Report including photos of all stages will be issued to you.

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