Code of Ethics

Inspection’s reputation for ethical and reliable service is one of the most important value of our company and this affects every aspect of our work and our operations. Our success depends on each individual’s commitment to effort for the highest standard of ethical business behaviour at all times.

It is not a book of instructions but rather a set of guidelines created to highlight ethical standards and protect Inspection’s reputation as we conduct business worldwide, across different countries and different cultures.

Although the Code cannot address every possible scenario you could encounter, it will support you in making ethical decisions and understanding when and how to seek additional guidance.

When faced with a difficult circumstance that is not particularly covered in the Code, use your good judgment and common sense. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it violate any law or regulation and am I uncomfortable with what I am being asked to do?
  • Is the action reliable with Company policies?
  • Is it reliable with the Company’s guiding principles?
  • Would it be able to put the Company’s reputation in danger?
  • How would I feel if the situation was reported in a newspaper or on a news website?
  • Would I need my family to know about it?
  • Before acting, would I feel more comfortable talking through my worries with my manager?
  • Would I need someone to treat me in the same way that I would be acting?
  • If something seems unethical or improper, it probably is.
  • If you are unsure of what to do, don’t guess. Stay on the safe side and ask before action. Ask your supervisor’s assistance

We must maintain the trust and loyalty we have developed over the years with our customers and define the standards and practices that form the basis of honesty-based behavior in the framework of the ethical rules we adopt within the company.

All Inspection employees must fulfill ethical and legal responsibilities and therefore our ethics guidelines are the guide for this purpose.

Who are these codes for?

Briefly for everyone! The code of conduct links Inspection and all company employees.

This rule also applies to third parties working on behalf of the company, such as employees and other representatives.

At Inspection, our supervisors, managers and other management staff are responsible for ensuring that ethical management is followed.

This commitment is committed to making sure our employees understand the moral provisions and to encourage open communication about the Code, including discussing and improving compliance with subordinates.

  • Penalties for violations

Employees who do not comply with the rules are subject to disciplinary proceedings, including termination of work.

  • Guiding principles

Our business principle is based on three main principles. Honesty, goodwill and perfection.

Honesty comes from constantly acting on a range of values ​​and ethics. We are committed to protecting the highest level of ethical behavior in every region of the world we operate in.

This commitment includes compliance with all laws and regulations.

Good Intent applies to all our relationships. Always maintain respect, sincerity, honesty and always acting in good faith, even when working with our colleagues, customers, dealers, representatives of government agencies or the other side.


Excellence is fundamental to our business’ success.

We strive to meet the needs of our customers while serving the community for the benefit of society and the community in the best possible manner with a commitment to excellence on a company-wide basis.

These principles are the basis of the Code of Ethics, which establishes who we are as a company. By incorporating them into every business we do, our Company will be strong and successful and recognized as a valuable business partner

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