Desk Expediting Services by INSPECTION

The COVID-19 crisis is confronting companies with a large number of challenges over a short term.

INSPECTION has been proactive in minimizing the COVID-19 impact for its customers by developing and implementing its well recognized services.

Remote working is an opportunity for companies to change their way of working sustainably and reap the benefits over the medium to long term. Think of less commuting, fewer business trips, shorter breaks and greater focus for employees.

Our desk expediting and remote project management services are used to obtain submission of the required documentation, placement of sub orders, overall progress of the fabrication, and deliveries; relevant to a certain supply.

This kind of service is essential for companies that need to continue the project in a planned way by increasing the benefits.

These basic services that we have deployed will ensure total business continuity and support our customers to manage successfully manage the business during these unusual circumstances.

Please keep calm as we are here assisting you to deliver the projects as planned!

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