The importance of Coating Inspections to extend The Life Of An Asset & Prevent Loss Of Revenue And Reputation

Coating Inspections

Certainly no one wants to spend their time thinking about corrosion control, but not thinking about a problem doesn’t make it disappear.

Corrosion will destroy an asset if ignored. To ensure you have corrosion under control, you need skilled experts who knows what to look for and where thus these are crucial to prevent the issues or to repair.

Inspection’s highly skilled coating inspectors take the health of your asset or facility as seriously as you do.

The coating on your asset is much like the foundation of your home — if the coating fails, the whole asset can cease to work as intended. A coatings inspection conducted by an experienced professional third-party inspector will be able to assess the health of your protective coating system during its service life.

Identifying small coatings problems before they turn into huge, work-stopping ones is paramount to avoiding downtime and keeping your clients satisfied. Inspectors can also point to regularly scheduled maintenance activities that can keep your asset in its prime and increase its longevity.

INSPECTION always assign the best inspectors that you can trust to work diligently towards extending the life of your equipment.

Thinking about corrosion control after the fact can mean millions of dollars in lost revenue and asset damage. Compare that with the cost of hiring a third-party inspector, and it becomes obvious that a proactive approach is the most prudent course of action financially. Regular surveys can identify corrosion right at the start — before it leads to asset degradation and failure.

Of course, no coating system lasts forever. So when you need to replace your coating system, having a trustworthy, objective third-party coatings inspector on hand ensures the coating is applied right the first time — both extending the life of your coating and making sure no ‘short cuts’ were taken by the coating applicators.

We provide industrial manufacturing inspection services to all sections of the supply chain in 40+ countries around the world.

Achieve peace of mind in the fight against corrosion. Take steps to ensure your coatings are still as effective at battling corrosion as the day you had them applied with the INSPECTION coatings inspection services.

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