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cable inspection

Vendor Inspection Services

INSPECTION® can provide services to inspect items at their place of manufacture before delivery in order to determine whether a product, service, process, piece of equipment or installation complies with expressed needs, customer expectations, applicable regulations or other specific requirements.

Vendor Inspection ensures full compliance during the manufacturing stage of all high value equipment and plants including: pumps, pipes, vessels and valves. Requirements at each stage of the client’s purchase order are fully satisfied before the material / equipment leaves the suppliers premises, resulting in minimum potential for production outages and the subsequent threat to safety, asset integrity and legislative compliance.

Our inspectors work with vendors to satisfy a range of necessities, including:

?Review of welding procedure specifications and welding operators?qualifications, to make sure client and "Code" compliance

?Inspection of sub-assemblies and finished item for appearance, accomplishment, dimensions, surface conditions, and operability

?Witnessing of any of all needed tests to confirm strict compliance to approved drawings, procedures, and specification

?Final inspections before dispatch which can embody cleanup, coating, packing and marking of apparatus, review of vendor final documentation written record.

Quality management throughout the Process

The quality of materials, services and merchandise are essential elements within the success of any project throughout world. .

At INSPECTION® we provide our clients with the flexibility to respond to any or all of their quality requirements throughout world with highest potential standards of service and integrity.

INSPECTION® is a young dynamic company that provides a contemporary approach to the industry implementing all the benefits of technology should provide with quaint attitudes to quality.

INSPECTION® has set new standards in levels of coordination, follow up and support the field employees.

Vendor / Shop Inspection

INSPECTION® has intensive expertise in the least levels of inspection for the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries. We are able to give experienced and highly qualified technical personnel from an in depth pool of personnel obtainable throughout world. Vary of activities performed / services provided include:

1. Complete Inspection The inspection activities generally include a pre-inspection meeting, periodic regular visits / reports, witness and hold-points and final inspection.

2. Partial Inspection Inspection of the materials on a sampling basis as careful within the order assignment instructions and/or as per the relevant purchase order. An order review meeting is suggested for partial inspection.

3. Final Inspection Minimum inspection of materials or instrumentation to verify vital dimensions, workmanship, and material / test certifications. once possible, the ultimate inspection ought to include witness of specified tests and review of radiographs and alternative INSPECTION® reports.

The INSPECTION® coordinator works closely with their appointed clients to determine exactly the level of service needed then the client's demand and expectations are.

From the very beginning of any activities for a brand new client the coordinator is totally concerned in fixing the client, project and order needs. From this info the coordinator provides the inspector with all necessary documents / instructions to perform the appointed tasks.

The coordinator follows up closely with the inspector to ensure inspection schedules are set and achieved, communications are addressed promptly and any support the inspector requires is provided.

Reporting of Inspection Activities

INSPECTION® and all employees utilised by INSPECTION® are dedicated to providing the foremost effective possible service to their clients.

A significant a part of this may be clearly reportage; this could be as precise as doable to switch our clients to fully understand what is happening to their order.

All offered tools / ways are utilised to relay this information to clients as clearly as doable. Reports area unit usually prepared on our own report formats or on report formats given by clients of INSPECTION®


The key reporting formats used by INSPECTION®


Pre-Inspection Meeting Reports

Field Inspection Reports

Non-conformances (NCR) reports

Punch list

Inspection Release Certificate/Note (IRN)


Vendor Inspection Services by INSPECTION® - PDF File