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Field Expediting

INSPECTION® | First Class Expediting Services

INSPECTION® provides a proactive and cost effective expediting service through the company's network of experienced field expediters located close to most major manufacturing centers or vendors (Schneider Electric, ABB, Prysmian Cables & Systems, Nexans, Best, Donaldson, HES, Alstom, Treysan, Dorce, Sa-Ra, Effedigi, Tosyali, Mannesmann, CCT etc.) throughout the world.

Expediting is especially needed in large scale projects, for example, when a power plant or a refinery is erected, because a delay caused by late delivery or inferior quality will get very expensive and could lead to unsatisfied clients, thus the loss of a project.

To save these unnecessary costs and minimize potential risks, the supplier and customer may agree on the use of a third party expediter.Our expediters are trained and skilled in typical production planning and manufacturing processes. They work with the manufacturer to ensure adequate planning to meet the delivery dates.They proactively identify delays and potential problems and, if required, coordinate with the manufacturer to taking necessary remedial action to get production activities back on schedule.

With our professional and scientific approach of expediting services, the client is assured of an independent, knowledgeable view of the expected impact on project schedules.




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